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About Me

Hi, welcome to About Me. Just in case you're interested in who I am, this is here for you to read.
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Okay, the basics. My name is Mya McMillan. I live in Tucson, Arizona, USA, I'm thirteen years old, and was born on April 17, 1986. I'm going into ninth grade this fall. I love surfing the net and working on my webpages, reading, writing, growing plants, playing the piano and the flute, singing, taking Irish dancing lessons, doing lots of crafts, role-playing...well, I like to do a lot. My favorite web page is...well, that's hard to say. My favorite movie is, without a doubt, Ever After, and my favorite TV show is Earth: Final Conflict.
Probably the most important detail about who I am is that I am a Christian. Quite often, when I tell people this, their jaw drops. I have only one thing to say to that; "Thank you so much for that lovely display of your teeth, but you can close your mouth now. No, really, I don't mind. Anyway, I am just an ordinary person who just happens to have specific beliefs, and this does not keep me from enjoying fantasy, role-play, internet, karate, or anything else that everybody likes to do. However, Christianity is a major part of my life, because I happen to truly believe everything it teaches and have placed my faith in God absolutely. It is a commitment that I will never break.
A little bit about my hometown. Tucson is hot, hot, hot, but other than that, it's a great place to live. Tucson and Pheonix are usually the only two cities in Arizona to appear on the map, but even so, not many have ever heard of this place. No one pays attention to this pathetic little corner of the Sonora Desert. Tucson is comepletely surrounded my mountains, and they're great places to go to escape the summer heat. I live right in front of the Catalina range, which I think are my favorite.
I spend a lot of time online. I'm either working on my webpages, or I'm in one of two chat rooms I like to hang out in. (Gene Roddenberry's Philosophy Sphere and The Official Earth: Final Conflict Web Site.) These are both centered around Earth: Final Conflict, my favorite TV show. I have my own page on EFC, right here.
I read tons and I'm not kidding. Mostly I like fantasy or scifi (I'm a great fan of Tolkien and Anne McCaffery) but I read lots of other stuff. Classics, historical fiction, biographies...they all have their special places on my bookshelf. It's hard to say what my favorite book is, but I think it would be Dragonflight by Anne McCaffery, or any book by JRR Tolkien. I enjoy just about any fantasy and have been branded 'elf-crazy' by a lot of my freinds.
I also write. I sometimes put fan fiction up at the Philosophy Sphere, and I'm working on a lot of personal stories. Long stories, I mean, because I have to divide them into chapters. Someday I'd like to get one of these published. I also put short stories I write up here, on my webpage.
I am also developing a green thumb. My room is covered with plants, and I keep on adding more and more to my collection. This spring I'm moving on to the great outdoors for my summer garden. (We have two planting seasons in Arizona.)
I've been playing the piano since I started lessons at six, and I took up the flute in my school band in fifth grade. I quit piano lessons awhile ago, but I still play a lot, just because I enjoy it. Flute is also a blast. I also like to sing, though I don't take lessons (yet.)
I am now in my third year of Irish dancing. Irish dancing is the coolest thing, and I even have a separate page on it. View it here.
I do lots of crafts. I think my favorite is beading on an Indian bead loom. I make bookmarks, jewelry, and anything else I can think up. I don't just do Indian designs, either--I have a book of Celtic charted designs that I use a lot. I also make stationary.
I also like to role-play. At the Philosophy Sphere, there's a great EFC role-playing game. I do that a lot. I also like the role-playing fantasy games, but I haven't found a lot of these that I like. I've never been attracted to MUDs, and the origional games such as Dungeons and Dragons often have religions the characters are supposed to practice or complex magical rituals. Because I am a Christian, I don't like to participate in these, so that leaves an awfully limited number of fantasy role-plays I can do. The ElfQuest fan holt that I have is basically a role-play that conforms to my picky tastes, and I enjoy it a lot.
That's all for now, and thanks!

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