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Hi, here's where you can meet the cast of EFC!

Robert Leeshock acted on several TV shows and independant films. He was born in New Jersey and comepleted and engineering degree at New York Cornell University before getting into acting. In EFC, he plays Liam Kincaid, who is one third Kimera and two thirds human. Kincaid became the leader of the Resistance mid second season, and also works undercover for the Resistance by taking the role of Companion Protector to Da'an. Quote: 'More than anything else, I am a human, and I will never betray my species.'

Lisa Howard has guest-starred on a lot of popular TV show and took the leading female role on Highlander for two seasons. She was born in London and usually performs her own stunts. On EFC, she plays Lili Marquette, a former Marine fighter pilot who now works for Agent Sandoval. She adapted the the Taelon shuttle controls for human use, but became suspicious of the Taelons after observing their influence in human military and politics, and now works undercover for the Resistance. Quote: 'You're pursuing your own agenda!'

Though all Taelons are referred to as 'he,' they are played by women. Leni Parker plays Da'an in EFC. She was born in New Brunswick and studied acting at Concordia University. She acted in theater for ten years before coming to EFC. Her role, Da'an, is the Taelon liason to North America, who resides at the Taelon Embassy in Washington, D.C. He is one of the few Taelons with a geunuine respect for humanity and a fierce opponant of Zo'or. Quote: 'And what will happen if they all die?'

Anita La Selva, who also plays a Taelon, was always a fan of Star Trek before coming to EFC. She guest-starred in many television series and acted in a few independant films. Was born and now lives in Toronto and enjoys flamenco dancing. Zo'or, the Taelon she plays, is the leader of the Taelon government and liason to the United Nations. He is also a ruthless villian determined to enslave the human race. Quote: 'Humans have just barely crawled out of the primordial ooze.'

Von Flores was born in the Philippines and had the leading roles in several television productions. He now plays Ronald Sandoval in EFC, a former FBI agent now the Companion Protector and assistant to Zo'or. He is another EFC villian, but it has become obvious that he has his own agenda, which is yet to be revealed. Quote: 'Obey me, and you'll survive. You already know what will happen if you betray me.'

Richard Chevolleau is an old Trek fan and was born in Jamaica. He has had several leading roles on TV. On EFC, he plays Augur, a computer hacker, who, while he never does anything for free, frequently helps the Resistance. Quote: 'Look at the stock market rate! My profits just dropped another three percent!'

David Hemblen has been in over 20 TV shows, 30 films, and produced or acted in over 70 stage productions. He was born in London, England, and now play Jonathan Doors for EFC. Doors is a rich buinessman and the founder and former leader of the Resistance. While he fights in good cause, he is somewhat ruthless. He recently ran for President and lost after being framed for attemped assasination of his opponent, the current President Thompson. Quote: 'We've been compromised! Kincaid brought a Taelon here!'

Majel Roddenberry is the widow of the famous Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek. She is the executive producer of EFC and has acted in theater, television, and film. She also played Lwaxana Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and does the voice of the computer in Star Trek: The Origional Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager. She also plays the role of Dr. Julianne Belman in EFC, a Resistance sympathizer who was the first to bring Taelon technology into hospitals and performs implant surgury for both the Companions and the Resistance. Quote: 'If we keep him in there, we'll lose him!'

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