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Melayne's Page

Hello, my name is Melayne, and I'm Mya's skrill. [No, not really, guys. Too bad, huh?] Now, what's a skrill, you're probably wondering? Well, I'm about to tell you what we really are, not what Taelon propaganda makes us out to be.
Now, those nasty Taelons say that we're based upon a very primitive symbiotic life-form found on another planet. Now, let me clarify that; we are the life-form, and we are not primitive! We are intelligent. Those few understanding people like Mya who know that we are intelligent gave us names. My name is Melayne.
As to what we are, yes, we do exist as symbiotes. We live on the lower arms as humans and get our nutrients from their blood. In exchange, we can fire a high-level energy pulse at whatever poor guy they want to annhialate. [Did I spell that right?]
When I found out that Mya was getting her own web-page, I insisted that she let me get a page on it. So, here it is, and here I am, and how nice to meet you! My name is Melayne, I'm very happy to be Mya's skrill, I'm a pretty lavender color, and I like blueberries. (Not that I can actually eat; like I said, we skrills get our nutrients from our hosts.) My best freinds are Shadow, Diamond (other skrills, belonging to a pair of Mya's freinds) and, of course, Mya.
Well, Mya's sending me Looks, (you know what I mean) so I guess that means I've taken up enough of her allotted 11 megabites of space on Tripod. Thanks for reading! Gotta go!

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