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Hi, this page'll tell you a little bit about how EFC got its start.
Earth: Final Conflict (referred from here on as EFC) was created by Gene Roddenberry, also the creator of Star Trek: The Origional Series (yes, there is actually an origionl Star Trek series, for those of you who have never heard of Cap. Kirk, which wouldn't suprise me these days) and Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also launched the several other Star Trek shows that have been on lately; namely Deep Space Nine, (which ended about a month ago) and Voyager.
Gene Roddenberry started working on creating EFC, but died before he could actually finish his work and produce the show. His wife, Majel Roddenberry, found the notes he had made for EFC and set to work to produce it in his place. It is currently in its third season.

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