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At The Site Fights, we have something called Shout It Out. We all go to a guestbook and post various cheers for our team. These are some of the cheers I've written.

We are the Elves
Returned from the mysts of time
To Shout It Out
With this rhyme!

Graceful, playful
Happy, fighting, winning
What a great team!


Round about,
Far and near.
Rumors, hints and whispers
The Seryn Elves are here!

Look out! Look out!
The Seryn Elves are coming out
From the Mysts where we have hidden
By our Queen we have been bidden
To go on foot, in air, by boat
Going to the Warzone to ROCK DVOTE!!!

You can search far, high and wide
You'll never find such Elfen pride
As you will on Seryn Isle
You can hear us shout for miles!

It's just one of those days
When everything goes wrong.
But here
With the Seryn Isle Elves
Those days just don't belong.

Seryn Isle
My homeland.
We've come out of the Mysts
To join the fun
At The Site Fights.
So I'll give them my all
I give them my best
I'll Shout It Out

It's the Holiday Season--
And every day holds a special light.
In Seryn, you can tell
We've got our Christmas Spirit right.

Over the river and through the woods
To Seryn Isle we go.
We all know how
To vote each day
To make it to the Dome.
Over the river and through the woods
To Seryn Isle we go.
We'll give our support
And shout it out
For Seryn is our home.

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