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Okay, about the actual storyline of EFC. It's set in the near future--about 2015, a few years after the arrival of the 'Companions,' as they are called, and the change of Earth's history forever.
Now, who are the 'Companions?' They are an alien race known as the Taelons. They arrived around 2009. They stepped forward to Earth's governments diplomatically, claiming they had only peaceful intentions. They set out to share their technology with us and helped to cure many of our devestating diseases, world hunger, war, and all the other problems we were faced with. Taelons everywhere were held with respect and awe. (Kind of like the Vulcans from Star Trek? you're probably thinking. Wrong.)
Fortunatly, not everybody was fooled into thinking that the Taelons didn't want anything from us in exchange for these 'favors.' Namely a rich buisnessman named Jonathan Doors.
The real story of EFC starts when a man named William Boone agrees to work for the Taelons after he finds that Doors (supposedly dead) faked his own death in order to go underground and set up a group of people called the 'Liberation,' or 'Resistance.' Boone agrees to work for the Taelons, while at the same time finding out what information about their true motives on Earth he can, for the Resistance. The Resistance exists only to find out what the Taelons are really up to.
Boone becomes the Commander of Security and Interspecies Relations for the Taelons. He also soon became good freinds with Da'an, the Taelons who held the position of liason to North America. Da'an was one of the few Taelons who had a genuine respect for humanity. Boone continued to work for the Taelons, but could not find out what the Taelons really wanted on Earth.
Meanwhile, a new threat emerged for humanity; the Jaridians.
The Taelons had been at war with the Jaridians time out of mind. They made the Jaridians out to be heartless monsters who slaughtered whole races just for the sake of it. The Jaridians had at one point even destroyed the Taelons' homeworld. How much of this was Taelon propaganda could not be confirmed, but Da'an, whom Boone had come to trust almost absolutely, confirmed that the Jaridians would attack Earth if they could get ahold of interdimensional technology, something only the Taelons had, but would allow the Jaridians to travel the long distance from their homeworld to Earth.
But, for a while, anyway, the Jaridian threat seemed far-off, though certainly not out of sight.
The first season ends when an alien named Ha'gel, the last of a race called the Kimera, crashed onto Earth in some sort of escape pod, which he has been trapped in for thousands of years. Because he was hostile, attacking humans, the the Taelons send out teams to track him down. One of these teams included Boone. Boone was eventually able to kill Ha'gel, but he was severely wounded in the process, along with another human working for the Taelons, an Irishwoman named Siobhan Beckett.
The Resistance managed to get Beckett to doctors in their underground headquarters, where they discovered that she had been raped by Ha'gel and was pregnant with his child, a Kimera/human hybrid who was concieved and born in less than nine hours.
Meanwhile, the Taelons arrive and put Boone on life-support under the care of their own doctors, but then Zo'or, the Taelons liason to the United Nations and villian of the story, arrives. Because Da'an and Zo'or are archenemies and Boone is both a helper to Da'an and a good freind, Zo'or kills Boone while he lies helpless, and blames his death on his injuries.
Thus the first season ends, and the second begins.
Meanwhile, Siobhan Beckett's child, whom she named Liam, grew to adulthood--like all Kimera--in less than twenty-four hours. Though he looks human, he has a deadly weapon called shaquaravah, posessed by Taelons, Jaridians, and Kimera, that he inherited from Ha'gel. Shaquaravah consists of a kind of energy, produced by glands in the palms of the hands, which can be fired at something or someone.
Siobhan Beckett's memory of the hunt for Ha'gel and of her child is erased, and she is returned (without being connected with the Resistance) to the Taelons. Meanwhile, Liam becomes a prominent member of the Resistance.
However, (and here we go back to the Jaridians again) the Jaridians had released a probe on Earth some time earlier. This probe was programmed to hunt down and kill Taelons. Three Taelons who attended Boone's funeral--Da'an, who was Boone's freinds, Zo'or, because he is obliged to, and another Taelon, Quo'on, the leader of the Taelon government,--were sensed by the probe. Liam, who also attended Boone's funeral, claiming to be a comrade of Boone while they were fighting in the SI war (yes, that war is make-believe, it hasn't happened yet), sensed the probe and was able to save Da'an's life just as the probe fired. Quo'on was hit and killed, instead.
Soon after, Liam, too, began to work for the Taelons, as Da'an's bodyguard, becoming as close a freind to Da'an as Boone had before him. Johnathan Doors finally emerged from hiding near the middle of the season to run for President of the United States against the current President Thompson, a Taelon supporter. Liam took his place as the leader of the Resistance.
However, at the end of the second season, during the final presidential debate before the elections, Doores was framed for an attempt to asassinate Thompson. Thompson was elected, and Doores became the most wanted man alive. The Taelons also used this as an excuse to flush out and nearly wipe out the Resistance. The plot was left hanging for the third season when Liam, Doores, and Augur (a computer hacker who works for the Resistance) are in hiding but about to be captured, and Lili Marquette, (who also works for the Taelons as an undercover agent for the Resistance) is about to blow up the Taelon Mothership and everyone on it, including herself, which will kill the Taelons and end their threat to humanity.
At the beginning of the third season, Lili is caught before she can blow up the ship. But then, she is rescued by Sandoval, who then in turn kidnaps her, implants a CVI in her, and alters her DNA so that she can survive on a different planet. Then he sends her off in a shuttle to another planet--he won't tell which one. But before he does, Lili manages to sneak away and scratches the words 'Find Me' on her dogtags and hangs them on a broken nail outside the building.
Meanwhile, the world is told that Lili is dead and that is the delusion Liam and Augur are living under. Doors was caught, but Liam and Augur escape with the help of a Volunteer who...isn't. The Volunteer leaves without telling them who she is, and then Liam is able to prove that the gunman who almost killed Thompson wasn't part of the Resistance. Thompson orders the release of all those arrested for being connected with the Resistance, but the country remains under martial law. A wall is built between Da'an and Liam, though, because of all the latest events, and Liam takes on a very bitter personality towards anything Taelon because of Lili's death.
Doors forges an alliance with Zo'or to garuntee his safety, to the suprise of everyone, but then the person he puts in charge of the organization turns out to be the 'rogue Volunteer' that rescued Liam and Augur, named Renae Palmer, who is a big help to the Resistance.

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