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The Sound of the Round


Annie Herring

If you like this song, there's lots more just like it on Annie's alblum 'Glimpses,' which you should be able to find in you average CD store.

Can you hear the sound of the round that the angels sing?
When it comes around it's the sound of an offering
When it hits the ground it is bound to make nature sing
Glory to the King glory to the King of Kings

Can you hear the flight of celestial laughter?
Every day and night you can hear them ring
Dancing with delight and forever after
In the living light of the King of Kings

Can yo hear the sound the angels sing
An offering to the King of Kings
Come rejoice and sing lift up your voice unto the King
Join the ancient throng who sing their song unto the King
I can see the King of Glory
I can see the glory of the King.

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