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This is Cici, my Independance Day fairy.

These are my Father's Day fairies.

This is Yara, riding Olen.

This is April, my birthstone fairy.

These are Agrimony and Garith, my Irish stepdancing fairies. I have my own page on Irish stepdancing! Check it out here.

This is Mara.

These are Pasque and Gui.

This is Burdock, my April fairy.

This is Arnica, my April birthday fairy.

This is Huang.

This is Seastar.

This is Felicity.

This is Joy.

This is Faith.

This is Hope.

This is Charity.

These are Qi and Astralagus.

These are Marigold and Buchu.

These are Cayenne and Cohosh.

This is Cinnamon.

These are Ginseng, Poppy, and Echinacea.

This is Eucalyptus.

This is Eyebright.

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