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Here, I will always list the latest updates to My Domain, so you can go straight to the new and interesting adventures without hunting. I'll also put the date my page was last updated.

July 3, 1999
Today I posted counters on all of my pages so I can keep track of which pages are getting the most hits.

July 19, 1999
Today I did a bit of revision the guestbook, (here")and I also comepletely redid and expanded my EFC site, (here). I added a special guestbook and email for that site, (here) a link to an About EFC page, (here), a page that follows the basic EFC storyline, (here), a page on the cast of EFC, (here), a page that tells about each week's episode, (here), and a list of links to other EFC pages, (here). Not all of these pages are complete, so not all of the links are up yet, but I hope to have them up soon.

July 20, 1999
Okay, I've just gotten the EFC guestbook and email link up.

July 23, 1999
I've got everything on the EFC site up at last exept for the cast. I also decided to get rid of the weekly episodes. I also updated the About Me page and decided to take out my list of links, which was not very long anyway, and put in a cyberpets page.

July 30, 1999
Okay, I changed the name of my main page to My Domain and changed all the 'Back Home' links to that address. I also put up a page for Melayne, my skrill--view it here.

August 8, 1999
I took out the Cyberpets page and put in a page of short stories I have written. I also added some backgrounds/images to my pages today.

August 13, 1999
Okay, I've finally gotten my cyberpets page up! View it here.

August 14, 1999
I've added a Songs and Poetry page, to which I am going to continue to add. I am also working on a new story which I hope to have up on my stories page soon.

August 18, 1999
I have some new songs up at my Songs and Poetry Page. Still working on that story.

September 11, 1999
I've been away, because of school, but I have found time to add to my Songs and Poetry Page. I hope to add a humor page soon.

September 24, 1999
Done! I've finally added the last of my planned updates to my Songs and Poetry Page, and am working on the humor page, which will be up very soon. I'm also taking submissions for the songs and poetry page.

October 1, 1999
Yes!! I have my humor page up. I couldn't fit it all into one page, so there's no less than three pages of it!! Go to it here! I may be adding more to this later.

October 2, 1999
I added to my story page--check it out!

Ocotber 3, 1999
I added to my Desert Hiding and Lirilen stories. Read them here.

October 6, 1999
I put up the next part of my Desert Hiding story. Read it here. I will probably be working slower on my Lirilen story than on Desert Hiding, because, seeing as how the third season of EFC has already started, I'd like to get it done as soon as possible. But just be patient, Lirilen is coming soon.

October 8, 1999
I have more of Desert Hiding up--here.

October 11, 1999
More Desert Hiding, plus I'm updating my EFC page, now that the third season is starting.

October 15, 1999
I'm done with Desert Hiding! Finally! Go ahead and finish reading it, then drop a note in the guestbook to tell me what you think.

October 18, 1999
Well, I decided to write up my testimony and put it up. I've been wanting to do so for a while.

October 20, 1999
Okay, I now have a front page here. I also put up a new song on my songs and poetry page.

October 24, 1999
The EFC page updates have been finished. I've also posted a tribute to Columbine, something I feel very strongly about.

October 25, 1999
Well, I hope to soon be accepted into The Site Fights! Hopefully then I'll get just a little more traffic around here...anyway, the next parts of the Lirilen story are up--just in case you've been dying to find out what happens next. I know I sure am. Plus, I am starting an ElfQuest fan page. This link doesn't lead anywhere at the moment, but it will soon...and guess what else! I'm going to be starting an on-line penpal club! Come back in a couple days to sign up...

October 26, 1999
I've been accepted to The Site Fights! Yay!

October 27, 1999
Well, I have the ElfQuest homepage up, as well as a chat room, message board, the disclaimer, and a page all about the holt. Check it out!

October 28, 1999
I now have the History of Silver Ice Holt page up. I'll be ready for people to join soon--please don't hesitate!

October 29, 1999
Well, the last bits and pieces of Silver Ice Holt are up--please, sign up! Also, I have not forgotten my plans for a pen-pal club...

October 30, 1999
IT'S HERE!!! (Applause, please.) My on-line pen-pal club is ready to join!

November 1, 1999
Well, hope you all had a good Halloween. :-) I am going to be very busy with school and such, so, while I'll be keeping track of activities on this page, I won't be doing many major updates until around Thanksgiving. Sorry. However, to ensure that you won't get bored, I have started a mailing list! It will have a little bit of everything--stories, poems, recipies, HTML tips, various stuff on fantasy and scifi, crafts, and any other fun tidbits I happen to think of. I will be sending it out about once a week. Please, sign up!

November 2, 1999
Okay, okay, I said I wasn't doing any major updates, I know. Yeah, so I lied?! (Welll...) Anyway, I entered the Seryn Elves webring, and, oh, check out my Songs and Poetry Page! I made some updates. I also have a Spirit Page, demonstrating my team spirit for the Site Fights.

November 7, 1999
More stuff. I added to my Lirilen story, and also, please check out the Ever-Changing Scroll at my ElfQuest holt. There's a really good round robin going there. I updated my cyberpets page, dividing it into sections so it'll load faster and adopting some really cool pets from The Site Fights, to add to my Spirit Page. Best of all, I now have a banner! Please use it when linking to my site--view it here. Please download it to your server--NO LINKING!!

November 17, 1999
First of all, check out my Silver Ice page! I have a lot of things up there, including a new adoptable characters list. So far, I've had two people join and would welcome more. Second of all, sign up for my newsletter! I only had one person sign up so far, and that person cancelled. Please--I'm writing all these articles for it, and no one to send them to! I think you'll find it really interesting. Third, I now have a book review page. Read it here. I'll be posting book reviews for various books--mostly fantasy--that I've read. I may eventually expand to movies, but not for now.

January 23, 2000
Well, I've been really busy with school, so it's been quite a while since I did any updating worth puttin in here! Basically, I'm taking a break from The Site Fights for a while because I just don't have the time. Maybe I'll start up again later. Also, Silver Ice is really becoming a comepletely separate site, so I'm getting a 'new' page separately for that. We now have several members and a really good storyline going, so check it out! Also, I should have no less than three or four new stories up here in the next month. An EFC fanfic, a short fantasy I wrote for school, and a mystery/romance. I'm also trying to get Lirilen finished, but that could take a while.

February 1, 2000
Well, my EFC fanfic is up and I hope you find it humorous! The fantasy should be up sometime this weekend. You can forget the vampire story; I decided I'm didn't feel comfterable writing it, so it's not going to happen. Sorry. I'm trying to keep the Ever-Changing Scoll in Silver Ice, but it's awfully hard to keep it up and I'm currently looking for help. If you know HTML and you're interested, email me. Or use my ICQ# (62384172) to get ahold of me. Sorry, I'm no longer using AOL. Also, I'm back in The Site Fights, so please vote for me!

February 7, 2000
If you like fantasy, read The Harp. I've gotten the first part of the story up and the rest should follow soon.

February 19, 2000
Everyone clap! I've finally finished Lirilen! Read it here!

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